Here are some of the remarkable people who have participated in this project:

The Bronstein Family       















The Hamam Family














The Shimron Family











Ali Abunimah: Author and Co-Founder of the Electronic Intifada











Dr.Ghada Karmi: Author and Lecturer at Exeter University











Arnon Soffer: Professor of Geography and Geostrategy at Haifa University











Yaakov Katz: Military Correspondent for the Jerusalem Post











Rabbi Yoel Bin Nun: Settler Leader











Saeb Erekat: Chief Palestinian Negotiator











Dr. Hanan Ashrawi: Palestinian Legislator and Activist











Omar Barghouti: Founding Member of PACBI











John J. Mearsheimer: Professor of International Relations at University of Chicago











Rev. Don Wagner: Co-Founder of Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding











Gershom Gorenberg: Journalist and Historian











Benny Morris: Historian at Ben Gurion University











Ilan Pappe: Historian at University of Exeter











Avi Shlaim: Historian at Oxford University 











Jeff Halper: Executive Director of ICAHD











Dr. Uri Davis: Fatah Revolutionary Council